Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finding my writing voice...

When I distill my current job into specific skills or competencies, it becomes clear that I get paid to write. I think I write quite well. Why is it then, that it is so very difficult to blog? Shouldn't it be easier to write as 'me'?

I'm finding that it's not - that after years of writing 'on behalf' of someone else, I don't know quite what I sound like when I write as Sigrid. And so, it can be dreadfully hard to finish up a post (not so hard to start one and then keep it saved in draft forever!) because it doesn't feel right, because I don't quite recognize the voice of the person I am.


Because at the end of the day, I know we were put on this earth to speak our own voices, to Own our voice, I am writing anyways... and hoping that by doing so I will uncover my voice, and in uncovering and nurturing it, I will grow it... and perhaps even encourage others to do the same.

Yes, there will still be writing done for others and for business, but I truly believe that what this world needs is for each of us to find our voice... and knowing this, I know I need to gather up my courage and write... and publish even when I'm not quite sure of it... because I'm just getting toknow my voice too...

It's by writing, speaking and discovering ourselves that we end up speaking truths that otherwise might remain uncovered.
It's by writing and speaking even imperfectly in our Own voice that we form connections and communities.
It's by finding our Own voice and cherishing it, no matter how small and immature and scared it might seem to us, that we change the world.

So here's to each of us having the courage to start finding our Own voice.

And here's to each of us taking the time to really hear the chorus of others who are finding their voices.

And here's to all of us, together, changing the world.