Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creation empowers

I was sitting today and crafting some Christmas gifts - some would call them art, others craft - it really doesn't matter. It was a beautiful moment. A cup of tea, a bin of colorful yarn, the weak winter sun peaking out from behind a bank of clouds and a few minutes devoid of demands from others... and then it occurred to me... this act of creation, no matter how small, was empowering in a way that big actions, 'important' actions and endless meetings and presentations are not.

This act of creation, of taking something and enhancing it, making something more of it, is extraordinarily powerful. It takes us from being consumers - of objects, food, experiences and entertainment, where our power lies in how much we can spend, absorb, digest - to being the ultimate powerful beings, making something out of nothing...

I have a friend going through a difficult time - a number of things in her life aren't going the way that she planned, from her health to her career. At this time, she's feeling powerless in her fight to retain her sense of self, and her hope that her life will still move in a direction she'll recognize, and that she'll recognize herself as she adjusts to this life that looks so different from the one she imagined. Amid this feeling of betrayal by life, this feeling that perhaps we actually aren't in control and can't attract the circumstances and situations we desire, she's feeling hopeless and weak. I can think of no better time to begin to create... anything. Why? Because it isn't even about what we create (a meal, a home, a memo, a piece of art or a scarf from lovely yarn), it's the act of creation. It reminds us of our power.

So let's unite in creation without expectation or judgment. Let's not create because we want to prove anything to anyone. Let's not create only when we're 'artists.' Let us create because it reminds us that at our core, we are powerful, we are divine, we ARE the Creator.