Tuesday, October 11, 2011

...visions of downsizing danced in my head...

Ok, maybe not so much downsizing as a (possibly temporary) decrease in living space.

We're looking to move to nearby neighborhood - closer to friends, closer to public transit, closer to a school the kids will likely attend...

Interestingly, although by car this neighborhood is barely 5 minutes away from our current home, public transit opportunities are much different. In our current neighborhood, the bus route has been drastically reduced in terms of number of buses that run daily, and when it’s -30ÂșC... well, it makes a huge difference.

So it makes sense to move. I’ve also been dreaming of a bigger yard – although I’m not driven by a huge house or fancy car, a large yard makes my heart beat faster and a smile cover my face…

Unfortunately, this new neighborhood is more expensive... this means that we're looking at houses differently, more in terms of envisioning what we could eventually add on in terms of space... and that has us discussion in much more detail exactly what kind of space we need and want. Suddenly, when thinking of building, more choices are available because we're making choices around room sizes in a way that we wouldn't if we were buying a place we weren't intending to change... we are engaging in animated (nice word, huh? lol) discussions about what space we really need. Wow! Who knew how much difference of opinion could occur over a foot here or there!

The wonder of it all is that I have hope that we’ll end up with less space but better space. Space we’ll actually use. Because although we’re not in a huge house right now, its layout makes it all too easy to only use half of it while filling the other half with ‘stuff we’ll use some day.’ All these discussions are also encouraging us to consider carefully what things and what spaces really add beauty and joy to our lives and work for us… the way we are, the way we live.

All this is going through my mind as I sort through accumulated treasures, treasures I am slowly but surely letting go in a quest to right size my home and upgrade my location!

More to come on this for sure!