Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finding my writing voice...

When I distill my current job into specific skills or competencies, it becomes clear that I get paid to write. I think I write quite well. Why is it then, that it is so very difficult to blog? Shouldn't it be easier to write as 'me'?

I'm finding that it's not - that after years of writing 'on behalf' of someone else, I don't know quite what I sound like when I write as Sigrid. And so, it can be dreadfully hard to finish up a post (not so hard to start one and then keep it saved in draft forever!) because it doesn't feel right, because I don't quite recognize the voice of the person I am.


Because at the end of the day, I know we were put on this earth to speak our own voices, to Own our voice, I am writing anyways... and hoping that by doing so I will uncover my voice, and in uncovering and nurturing it, I will grow it... and perhaps even encourage others to do the same.

Yes, there will still be writing done for others and for business, but I truly believe that what this world needs is for each of us to find our voice... and knowing this, I know I need to gather up my courage and write... and publish even when I'm not quite sure of it... because I'm just getting toknow my voice too...

It's by writing, speaking and discovering ourselves that we end up speaking truths that otherwise might remain uncovered.
It's by writing and speaking even imperfectly in our Own voice that we form connections and communities.
It's by finding our Own voice and cherishing it, no matter how small and immature and scared it might seem to us, that we change the world.

So here's to each of us having the courage to start finding our Own voice.

And here's to each of us taking the time to really hear the chorus of others who are finding their voices.

And here's to all of us, together, changing the world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

On changing the world... today...

So far, when I've believed I could change the world ... the WORLD... I quickly would turn to more accessible options!

I am fearful that I am not enough and that my vision isn't fully formed. Then I remember that my vision can become clearer precisely by doing what I fear: writing about it, learning by putting it out there and by becoming part of something bigger - a community of people who are also stepping forward.

So when today I read THREE blog posts (by Gianpaolo Pietri, Chris Guillebeau and Everett Bogue), I suddenly could no longer ignore that the time for me to step up had arrived... and that I could no longer ignore it.

I believe in a world that is kind and compassionate (towards myself, others and the world we live in), a world that is fair for all, a world that is abundant and a world where creativity and beauty can trump destruction. And over the past few years, I have spent more and more time and energy living in ways that create this world.

I believe in bicycles more than in cars... so I commute by bicycle for most of the year (I live in Canada where - so far - I have not yet cycled during the winter) and this encourages others to do the same.

I believe in sustainable food sources and in demonstrating compassion in my spending so I have greatly reduced (to almost nothing) animal product consumption and shop primarily at second-hand stores for clothing and accessories for myself and my family.

I believe that frugality brings choices and freedom and so live a lifestyle that supports this kind of freedom


I believe in beauty and joy. I believe that when we live a life that is simple and compassionate and filled with beauty, we demontrate that this is not a life of sacrifice but a life that others would want to emulate. And so I create beauty where I can, and as an artist and creative enthusiast I demonstrate that beauty doesn't have to come from a big-box store but can come from nature, from yourself or from an artist - and that something unique and beautiful, with a story, can bring joy beyond endless purchases driven by someone else telling us what we want.

Finally and above all, I believe in others - I believe that everyone has a deep well of potential inside that hasn't been tapped fully no matter how successful we are. This drives me to encourage people to recognize this within themselves and not sell themselves (or those around them) short.

In the words of Marianne Williamson
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be?

When I can encourage someone (even myself) to remember, even for a moment, that we are infinitely brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous, I am changing the world ...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On being deliberate

What we let into our lives defines us – and much of what we let into our lives, we control to at least some extent.

Deliberately asking ‘does this serve me now?’ can lead us to limit incoming stuff/information and opinions/emotions of others … to those that support, inspire and lead us to creative and fulfilling lives.

Ask yourself (as I am reminding myself to do):
Stuff: Does everything that surrounds me support and serve me... or does it overwhelm me, distract, and limit me?

Information: Does the information I let into my mind uplift and teach and inspire me … or does it depress, demean and make me feel less powerful?

Opinions and emotions of others: Do I want to let this person’s opinions and emotions (quite possibly even about me) drive my life… or do I name them for what they are… just someone else’s opinions and emotions… and not necessarily mine to adopt?

Accepting things, information and opinions/emotions into our lives without requiring that they uplift and inspire can lead to overwhelm and cloud judgment.

Limiting and eliminating things, information and opinions/emotions enables us to live more fully, in line with our own purpose and dreams, with creativity and in peace.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Car-free? Car-light...

I think Rowdy Kittens came up with the term car-lite (at least I think that's where I first saw/heard it) and I LOVE it... As per my previous post, I'm trying to reduce my driving but with full-time work, hubby who travels and two young kids, the timing sometimes doesn't allow it... so I've come up with a different way of looking at it... While it might not currently be possible to completely eliminate driving, I would love to see whether we can live with only one car...no, we're not selling one of our cars (that suggestion at this point might push my poor hubby over the edge :o) but that doesn't mean I can't effectively be the non-driver unless it's absolutely necessary...

So... my challenge to myself (and only myself because otherwise it really isn't fair... and I do have a birthday coming up! LOL) is to see how many days in a row we can go as a family without using both cars. I recognize that this is easier in summer and I'd have to come up with some plan for the coldest and snowiest of winter.... but for the next few months, it might just work... sooooo.... here I go....

I'll report back here...

This week:
Sunday June 20: 1 car
Monday: 1 car (hubby drove, I biked)
Tuesday: 1 car (me... drove kids to school and picked up)
Wednesday: no car (yeah! I worked from home)
Thursday: 1 car
Friday: we'll see... :o)

Now... my additional aim is to thoroughly ENJOY this challenge... wow... what a concept! Sometimes baby steps are really the best way forward

Friday, June 18, 2010

Car-Free ... Not Yet

So many people going car-free

It's really inspirational and a big part of it just wants to sell my car (with hubby still needing a car to get to work)... I would bicycle everywhere. Then the more rational part of me kicks in and reminds me that I live in a cold climate where winter can last half the year and that kind of slows me down :o)

However, since it is currently summer, I'm going to try the experiment and use my bike for as many of my trips as possible. Clearly, there may be times when I need to use the car, particularly for longer trips with the kids, but I aim to reduce to almost nothing my commutes and errands done by car...

This, in conjunction with hanging my laundry, going no-poo and eating no meat is also making me feel as though I am contributing somewhat to the envionrment by reducing at least one person's demand for oil...

Friday, May 28, 2010

when simple isn't simple

This past week (on top of work, a job interview, Rob being out of town, homework, etc.) we went through a heat wave and a dry spell - in May!!! Amazingly it feels and looks (grass is turning yellow) like August...

In the spirit of living a simple and sustainable (for ourselves and our planet) life, I decided that I would NOT turn on the a/c, and would water by hand (or watering can rather - I live with kids, making sure that I can't be misinterpreted is important!LOL). I did decide to drive to drop them off instead of bicycling..

It brings me to the point though that sometimes this simple life seems to complicate my life... watering the garden with what little water is left in the rain barrlels (one is already empty), hanging laundry, using a push mower and not using a/c isn't in any way faster or less work... it does make me feel rather heroic though and in the end many of these activities lend themselves to a kind of meditation. I've often said that hanging laundry is both a reminder and built-in proof that I DO have time to slow down... while living without a/c had the kids camping out in the downstairs living room where it was cooler - a real adventure that they were thrilled with...

so... simpler, not really but slower and more connected... yes... to each other and to the 'real world' outside which with a/c and clothes dryers and hoses and sprinklers can quite easily get shut out...

So I will continue to risk being the crazy lady on the block for the sake of living a more connected if not simpler, full life...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life is complicated... keep it simple

Why is it that just when you think you might have simplified a bit more, accepted that you can't (at least happily and sanely) do everything and keep everyone around you going, and that you might just maybe need some help on some days... that Life hands you a complication?

So I've just admitted to chronic depression being part of who I am... to needing certain things to happen (or not) in my life for me to be grounded and happy (and there for others... like, oh, my kids for example) and feeling pretty darn proud of myself, when wham... life sends a complications. My uncle is doing poorly... 3.5 hours away (thank God for my mom and sister who life closer and are just so amazingly available to him)... and I find myself on call and feeling that all the simplifying I've done has just set me up for life getting complicated again... when I realize... that the reason I'll be able to deal with this with (hopefully) a modicum (love that word) of grace is in part BECAUSE my life is simpler and more honest ... and so I'll continue to slow down and simplify and accept (both myself and my limits and help)... because it's easier... and that's ok!

Friday, May 14, 2010

FulLife not Midlife...

Not Midlife
No crisis
Just lots
Of everything

Problem is
I don't want to have nothing
I just want to have the right thing
the right somebody
in my life

Here is my quest to do this...