Monday, May 24, 2010

Life is complicated... keep it simple

Why is it that just when you think you might have simplified a bit more, accepted that you can't (at least happily and sanely) do everything and keep everyone around you going, and that you might just maybe need some help on some days... that Life hands you a complication?

So I've just admitted to chronic depression being part of who I am... to needing certain things to happen (or not) in my life for me to be grounded and happy (and there for others... like, oh, my kids for example) and feeling pretty darn proud of myself, when wham... life sends a complications. My uncle is doing poorly... 3.5 hours away (thank God for my mom and sister who life closer and are just so amazingly available to him)... and I find myself on call and feeling that all the simplifying I've done has just set me up for life getting complicated again... when I realize... that the reason I'll be able to deal with this with (hopefully) a modicum (love that word) of grace is in part BECAUSE my life is simpler and more honest ... and so I'll continue to slow down and simplify and accept (both myself and my limits and help)... because it's easier... and that's ok!

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