Friday, June 18, 2010

Car-Free ... Not Yet

So many people going car-free

It's really inspirational and a big part of it just wants to sell my car (with hubby still needing a car to get to work)... I would bicycle everywhere. Then the more rational part of me kicks in and reminds me that I live in a cold climate where winter can last half the year and that kind of slows me down :o)

However, since it is currently summer, I'm going to try the experiment and use my bike for as many of my trips as possible. Clearly, there may be times when I need to use the car, particularly for longer trips with the kids, but I aim to reduce to almost nothing my commutes and errands done by car...

This, in conjunction with hanging my laundry, going no-poo and eating no meat is also making me feel as though I am contributing somewhat to the envionrment by reducing at least one person's demand for oil...

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