Thursday, June 24, 2010

Car-free? Car-light...

I think Rowdy Kittens came up with the term car-lite (at least I think that's where I first saw/heard it) and I LOVE it... As per my previous post, I'm trying to reduce my driving but with full-time work, hubby who travels and two young kids, the timing sometimes doesn't allow it... so I've come up with a different way of looking at it... While it might not currently be possible to completely eliminate driving, I would love to see whether we can live with only one, we're not selling one of our cars (that suggestion at this point might push my poor hubby over the edge :o) but that doesn't mean I can't effectively be the non-driver unless it's absolutely necessary...

So... my challenge to myself (and only myself because otherwise it really isn't fair... and I do have a birthday coming up! LOL) is to see how many days in a row we can go as a family without using both cars. I recognize that this is easier in summer and I'd have to come up with some plan for the coldest and snowiest of winter.... but for the next few months, it might just work... sooooo.... here I go....

I'll report back here...

This week:
Sunday June 20: 1 car
Monday: 1 car (hubby drove, I biked)
Tuesday: 1 car (me... drove kids to school and picked up)
Wednesday: no car (yeah! I worked from home)
Thursday: 1 car
Friday: we'll see... :o)

Now... my additional aim is to thoroughly ENJOY this challenge... wow... what a concept! Sometimes baby steps are really the best way forward


  1. I would love to sell one of our cars but that's out of the question, for now. I work downtown 3 days a week, my hubby works on the road 4 days a week and yes, 2 teenagers... We live in the country, the nearest grocery store is a 15 minutes drive... Isn't it a challenge to simplify our lives, don't you think?
    Feel free to share on my blog
    where I talk about my own experience on minimalism and simple life in our crazy world.

  2. Thanks for sharing - it is certainly a challenge even for me and I don't live in the country... but that's why things like decreasing my driving instead of selling a car are a bit more realistic (and simpler :o) - and I imagine that when my kids are teenagers, my life might well get more complicated too! Off to see your blog!