Tuesday, September 27, 2011

300,000 words in 1 year????

I don't even know what 300,000 words look like! Chris Gillebeau has written a great post "How to write 300,000 words in 1 year." I'm a bit of a sucker for "how to" posts and also for posts that feel like they're daring me to do something outside my comfort zone - now that could get me into all kinds of trouble, I know! lol

So... i just put the idea aside for a day... then came back to it... then shared it with my hubby... then put it aside... and that told me that clearly there was something to this idea of writing more that appealed to me. So I've decided to try this ... again. I will write, I will blog, I will obsess with putting into words that which I am thinking about. Funny thing is that when I look back at the posts from last year, I like them - not sure why that surprises me, but hey. So, instead of worrying about writing well, and writing about deep things that will immediately change the world, I will focus on writing. I will work on trusting the process of writing and make the process the goal. Will I end up writing 1,000 words a day, six days a week like Chris? I’m not sure. Fears about having something I want to write about 6 days a week are already threatening to stop me in my tracks. So I will simply write more. I will write posts here and on my other blog (Pebbles and Glass), write responses to other posts by other people, I will write some articles that I don’t public right away… I will count but I will endeavour not to judge – at least not too much…

And so, here I go… imperfect, but excited, and determined to write. Thanks Chris!

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