Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On being deliberate

What we let into our lives defines us – and much of what we let into our lives, we control to at least some extent.

Deliberately asking ‘does this serve me now?’ can lead us to limit incoming stuff/information and opinions/emotions of others … to those that support, inspire and lead us to creative and fulfilling lives.

Ask yourself (as I am reminding myself to do):
Stuff: Does everything that surrounds me support and serve me... or does it overwhelm me, distract, and limit me?

Information: Does the information I let into my mind uplift and teach and inspire me … or does it depress, demean and make me feel less powerful?

Opinions and emotions of others: Do I want to let this person’s opinions and emotions (quite possibly even about me) drive my life… or do I name them for what they are… just someone else’s opinions and emotions… and not necessarily mine to adopt?

Accepting things, information and opinions/emotions into our lives without requiring that they uplift and inspire can lead to overwhelm and cloud judgment.

Limiting and eliminating things, information and opinions/emotions enables us to live more fully, in line with our own purpose and dreams, with creativity and in peace.

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